Matlab Window

The Command window is where you can interact with Matlab directly. Try typing  the following:

>> x=5

>> y=2;

>> z=x * sqrt(y)

>>myvar = ones(2)

The  output should look like this:

myvar  =

1 1
1 1

This represents  a 2x2 matrix of ones.

In Matlab, previous input lines cannot be edited. You can  recall previous input lines by typing the "up" cursor button (similar to bash  and DOSKEY).

Cutting, copying and pasting is supported using the standards for your  operating system.

The Toolbar

Systems that support graphics have a toolbar at the top of  the screen, like this:

Matlab Toolbar on NT

The buttons have the following functions:

Matlab Toolbar on NT - File commands

New File, Open File

Matlab Toolbar on NT - Edit

Cut, Copy, and Paste

Matlab Toolbar on NT - Undo

Undo last action

Matlab Toolbar on NT - Workspace Browser

Workspace Browser. Use this to graphically edit variables.

Matlab Toolbar on NT - Path Browser

Path browser. Use this to edit the paths that Matlab will look in for  functions.

Matlab Toolbar on NT - Simulink Library

Simulink Library Browser (not covered in this tutorial).

Matlab Toolbar on NT - Help

Open help window.